Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample | Scientific Research should be carried out and controlled by the government rather than private companies

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Scientific Research should be carried out and controlled by the government rather than private companies. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Band 8 IELTS essay sample

Scientific research plays a very important role in the progress of a nation. It is argued that research should be controlled and funded by the government, and not private organisations or institutions. This essay agrees with the argument that the government should carry out various research works in different fields and will outline the reasons why government should be responsible for research projects.

There are several reasons to support my view point. Firstly, the government is capable of providing financial assistance to various research projects. Moreover, if the project fails to achieve its objectives, the government has the resources to cope up with the losses incurred. Secondly, the main motive of the government in conducting research is public welfare. Thirdly, when government funds research activities, there is utmost security. They do not disclose any information which could hamper national security. That is why research and development in the field of military is carried out by the government.

When private organisations conduct research, their chief concern is protecting their interests. This explains why the research conducted by coffee companies or gum companies only highlights the benefits of their products. This is not the case when the government funds research. In this case, the final verdict is more likely to be unbiased.

To conclude, after analysing the various aspects of the argument, it is not hard to see that the government funding of research is in the interests of the public. Private organizations, on the other hand, may have their own vexed interests to protect.

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