Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample | People Spend A Lot Of Money On Tickets Of Sports and Cultural Events

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People spend a lot of money on tickets of sporting and cultural events. Is this a good or bad development?

Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

There is a trend among people to spend a lot of money for buying tickets of sporting events and cultural shows. Some people think that this is a positive development and it should be encouraged. Others disagree with that view. Both opinions will be discussed in this essay.

Some people believe that for them to attend either a cultural or sporting event, a lot of money would have to be spent not only on tickets but also on other trip necessities such as transportation, accommodation and food especially if the event is being held away from their locality or place of residence. These people are of the opinion that that money could instead have been spent on some other things that are worthier. For instance, it could be invested in gold or property.

While these arguments may sound logical, I believe that these people are ignorant or less informed of the bounty of benefits that comes with attending or participating in such events. When people attend cultural or sporting events especially those held away from their locality or place of residence, they are absolutely exposed to the lifestyle and culture of the host communities, and this in most cases results in learning the ways of life of those people. In addition, attending sporting events is a great way to take some time off work and relax.

Sporting and cultural events attract people from different walks of life, religious and cultural backgrounds, and they are an opportunity to make new friends and build relationships. As a matter of fact, I am personally making arrangements for my family and me to attend the upcoming soccer world cup sporting event which will be held in Russia during this summer. It has been proven over the years to be one of the most fascinating sporting events around the globe. I believe that money spent on such an event is worth it.

In conclusion, contrary to what a lot of people think spending a lot of money on sporting events is not a waste. In my opinion, it is a good development and people should realize the enormous benefits of embarking on such trips.

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