Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample | Natural Resources Are Being Consumed At An Alarming Rate

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The natural resources such as oil, forests and fresh water are being consumed at an alarming rate. What problems does it cause? How can we solve these problems?

Band 8 IELTS essay sample

The depletion of consumable natural resources at an accelerated speed is a matter of grave concern since it has given birth to several problems in the world. Nevertheless, these issues can be resolved by taking some effective remedial steps.

The reduction in the green cover has had a negative effect on earth’s weather conditions. To elaborate, forests help to maintain the temperature of earth. The cutting down of trees at a fast pace for fulfilling human’s greed has created a climatic imbalance and the earth’s average temperature has risen by 2 degree Celsius in the last ten years. One of the biggest consequences of global warming is that our summers are getting hotter and hotter.

Furthermore, because of the depletion of fresh water resources, people are now forced to buy drinking water. The poor and the weaker sections of the society are the worst hit by the water crisis. Consequently, many people are dying due to lack of drinking water in African states and several others are left with only contaminated water for their daily use. Depleting oil resources also have had a negative impact on the automobile industry which relies almost wholly on oil for its operation.

However, some viable solutions do exist and it is possible to solve the aforementioned problems to a great extent. First, cutting down of trees should be checked, and industries which use wood for manufacturing their products, such as furniture and houses, should be encouraged to find eco-friendly alternatives. Second, the government and the media should launch campaigns that make people aware of the importance of saving water. It is also important to set a limit on the amount of water that can be used for domestic and industrial purposes. Third, scientists should be encouraged to find renewable fuels for vehicles. For instance, chargeable electric cars are gaining popularity in the US because they are eco-friendly and economical.

In conclusion, although the fast paced consumption of natural resources has directly influenced the climate of earth, the collaborative efforts of governments, scientists and the public can reduce the impact.

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