Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample | Music Should Not Be Taught In Schools

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Music should not be taught in schools. Instead other subjects like computer and science should be taught. Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Band 8 IELTS essay sample

Some people believe that music should not be part of the school curriculum, and only other subjects such as information technology, science and math should be taught. In my opinion, music might not be a subject that can directly help individuals in their professional life, yet there are indirect benefits that make music indispensable.

Admittedly, people who claim that music should not be taught at school believe it is no longer a subject that provides individuals with skills required to generate a sustainable income. Moreover, they think that the current job market favours professions related to artificial intelligence, mobile applications, finance and economy. These occupations require knowledge in subjects such as information technology, math and science.

On the other hand, although music might not open the doors to a successful career, it has an important influence on individuals and supports them in their personal and professional life. First, music helps the mental and spiritual growth of people. It is proven that listening to or playing certain kind of music helps individuals to relax, reduce stress and focus on their work. Secondly, music makes considerable contribution to enhancing the health of human beings. Many Medical studies have proven that playing certain music instruments reduces heart rates and blood pressure. For these reasons music will always be an essential subject that humans should not ignore. It helps them to find their inner peace and supports them in doing other activities and facing challenges.

In conclusion, I believe music might not be the subject that directly helps students in their future professional career; however, music can give important contribution to human’s spiritual and mental health which makes it indispensable.

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