Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample | Laws That Prohibit The Sale Of Heroin Should Be Applied To Tobacco As Well

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Should the same laws which prohibit the sale & consumption of heroin be applied to tobacco? Discuss.

Band 8 IELTS essay sample

Since time immemorial, narcotics have been the root cause of many issues in the society. Drug abuse leads an individual to a vicious circle which has no end. In fact in the worst cases a person even gets isolated from the society as well as his family. Even though the government has launched several programs to eradicate drugs from the society, they keep coming back in one form or the other.

This is because it’s available in various forms due to which it gets affordable as well. The sale as well as consumption of a drug called “Heroin” has already been banned by the government so masses have moved towards another option called “Tobacco”. Tobacco is majorly found in cigarettes which are the root cause of dreadful diseases like lung or mouth cancer.  These drugs make people so much dependent on them that they start to cut themselves off from the society and work.

Later due to scarcity of money drug addicts even end up getting involved in criminal activities. Slowly from being an invaluable part of the society they end up being a burden on their family, society and country. Families of the drug addicts suffer the most because they have neither the money to run the household nor the ability to take care of the addict.

Therefore, in my opinion, the government should prohibit the sale and consumption of tobacco just like it banned heroin. Drugs not only eat up the society like termites but also jeopardize the health and prosperity of future generations.

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