Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample | It Is Not Wise For A Company To Replace Its Old Employees With Young Employees

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It is not wise for an industry to replace its experienced but old workers with new and young yet inexperienced individuals. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Band 8 IELTS essay sample

Change is the law of nature and it applies to everyone including humans. While it appears unethical for an organization to replace its older employees with young people, I believe most of the times it becomes the need of the hour for that organization. This essay will analyze this trend from the perspective of workers and companies.

From the perspective of a company, certain kinds of jobs are both physically and intellectually demanding and sometimes it becomes necessary to replace an older employee with a young employee in such jobs. Physically demanding jobs such as those of coal miners or construction workers need rigorous physical work which an aged person may not be able to do with the same efficiency as a young person. Mentally demanding jobs such as that of an air traffic controller or an emergency medical practitioner demand quick response and an inability to deliver it can cost lives. As such, in such cases, companies do not have any other options and the replacement of older employees is imperative.

However, old and experienced employees ought to be retired gracefully with all the benefits rather than being shown the door one fine morning. In other words, it should be the prime responsibility of any enterprise to make sure their employees have a better life after their tenure is over with the enterprise. For instance, an organization should provide their experienced workers regular monthly pension along with free medical facilities so that they are not dependent on others. Upon closer examination it can be seen that this practice helps not only the retired employees but also the government by helping it reduce its spending on elderly health care.

To conclude, it is indeed true that replacement of older employees in various companies is a bitter truth in the co-operative sector.  Nonetheless, its negative impacts on the lives of replaced employees can be alleviated with the patronage of their employers.

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