Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample | Human Activity Has Had A Negative Effect On Plants And Animals

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Human activity has had a negative impact on plants and animals around the world. Some people say that it is too late to do something while others think that actions can be taken to improve the situation. Discuss both sides of the view and give your opinion.

Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

It is undoubtedly true that some of our activities have a harmful effect on our planet. While some people believe that nothing can be done to solve the negative impact of human activity on the wildlife, I strongly argue that several measures can be taken to solve the problem.

To begin with, some people are of the opinion that the damaging effect of some of our activities on the wildlife cannot be resolved. This, in their opinion, is because many species of plants and animals have already disappeared from our world and it is impossible to get them back. For example, in 2013, a United Nations study found out that several species disappeared from our ecosystem because of deforestation. This clearly shows the depth of the bad effects that our activities have on the wildlife. So, in these people’s opinion nothing can be done to reverse the problem.

Nevertheless, I insist that there are many measures that governments and individuals can take to stop the negative effect that our activities have on our planet. First of all, governments around the world must come together to address the issue of deforestation. This is because it is the main cause of the disappearance of endangered species. For example, the South African government outlawed deforestation in 2015 and since then the results have been impressive as many species have been saved from extinction and soil erosion has been stopped. As a result, the endangered species now have no disruption in their habitats and the production of crops has increased. Individuals can also spread awareness about the destructive effect that some of our activities have on the planet. Obviously there are still many more things that we can do to address the issue.

To sum up, I definitely maintain that governments and individuals can do several things to stop human activity that has damaging effects on our planet. Outlawing deforestation and spreading awareness amongst people about the need to protect wildlife are the actions that need to be taken.

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  1. arjit gautam says:

    ….. It is irrefutable that Environment is the main and vital source of liveliness on the planet Earth, whilst this main
    source is loosing its naturality nowadays. Many of the people reckons that this is impossible to be changed and some others
    believe that the nature can be developed by taking different beneficiary actions. This essay will discuss both views and will
    opine too.

    First of all, there are some certain activities of mankind due to which plants and animals loosing their life day by day. Doings
    like cutting-off the trees, air pollution by people, spitting here and there, hunting of big animals, and so on. All these activities
    takes whole city on a unhealthy path which can result in a negative situation across the world.All these things can be changed
    by giving 10% of your busy life to these universal problems. In that 10% one can aware the people about not to cut trees, awaring
    about take their private vehicle off the road for at least 2 days a week, tell about not to spit anywhere as it can lead to severe
    health problems and about the hunting of animals through social media platforms.

    Secondly, there are some people in our society who just simply thinks that these problems cannot be changed. I just want to
    correct that statement by ‘ problems can be changed if the specific person wants to make a move’. In Today’s world people
    are living in a high developed societies with high living standerds with high professions and jobs. For these people, life is
    just like a cage for them as they can’t think beyond that. From my prespective, Environmental situations can be developed
    with the help of Government as it can help in spreading awareness about different nature issues.

    To Conclude, to reside in a very enthusiastic and healthy manner, happenings of nature cannot be neglected. If mankind is
    injuring the nature then its only mankind who can give medication to it so the world can adopt the nature in its true colors.

    Mam, I just want to know the IELTS Band Perception of this essay from your point of view

  2. Oleksandr says:

    Human activity has damaged plants and wild creature all around the world. Some folks reckon that it can be remedied by decisive actions, but others think that we cannot do anything to help. This essay agrees with people who believe that if measures are imposed, then the situation can become better.
    Some people think that nature can recover from human harm if we help it to do that. Latest advancements in technology make it possible for humans to accelerate nature recovery because nowadays we can easily reproduce endangered plant species in laboratories, and zoos can help to save populations of same rare game. Moreover, developed chemistry technologies can help us to make natural inhabitat of wild creatures and plants, which were damaged the most, more safe for their life by killing all organisms who hamper them to proliferate. To illustrate this, in 2009, after big woodfires, Australian forests were restored by volunteers, and within 5 years they fully recovered.
    However, there are those who do not believe that by our actions we can restore everything that we have destroyed. Many people think so because nature is a big and complicated system where the destruction of one part will inevitably lead to the destruction of another, and people don’t have a control over this process and are unable to prevent it. For example, scientists from Cambridge University reckon that we are unable to reproduce anything in the wild world to its former state.
    In conclusion, this essay has the same position as people who believe that by united efforts we can revive nature including plants and animals who populate it from the devastating consequences of human activity, but at the same time, there are people we believe that its impossible.

  3. Harsh says:

    It is an undeniable truth that human advancements have been achieved at a great cost to the environment. Some people believe that the damage caused is irrevisible while others suggest that there is still some hope to bring about a desirable change.
    In my opinion, the destruction caused may be permanent in some instances, however, there are still ways available to preserve the environment.
    To begin with, the industrialisation of the world has had a substantial effect on our plants and animals. Many kinds of plants and animals have been used to such an extent that they are now at the verge of extinction. For example, the manufacturing of leather requires animal skin that has led to a rapid decline in the population of certain creatures like crocodiles. According to a report by National Geographic, it has been estimated that by 2050, if the leather industry continues to grow at its current pace then this animal will be wiped off from the planet. Similar instances of exploitation have also been observed in the case of flora where humans have been harvesting them for their own selfish purposes. With large scale deforestation for fuel, paper and construction purposes, many species of plants have disappeared.
    Though the damage is substantial but many alternatives still exist. Firstly, instead of killing animals for their body parts, other materials can be used. For instance, rubber can be treated as a substitute for original leather. Moreover, advanced technologies can be deployed that can help in the invention of environment-friendly raw materials. Likewise, measures should be taken to keep cutting of trees under check. Further, awareness programs should be organized at local, national as well as international levels to make the public aware of the adverse effects they are causing to our mother nature.

  4. Ann says:

    In this day and age, human activities bring numerous adverse influences to fauna and flora species. It is argued that it is pointless to solve this issue while others believe that there are several solutions to such a problem. This essay will discuss both views of this situation and I strongly support the latter.
    On the one hand, some people hold the belief that there is no way to limit the harmful effects on animals and plants. In particular, more and more species are vanishing because of deforestation for agriculture. Even if humans bring them back into the ecosystem, there are no places for them to exist. In addition, illegal hunting has been more rampant to serve for different purposes such as fashion, medicine or even entertainment. This has contributed to bringing these creatures to the brink of extinction. For example, by killing rhinos for their horns, Javan rhinos have been disappearing in Vietnam since 2011.
    On the other hand, I believe that some practical actions should be adopted to prevent negative consequences of human activities on fauna and flora species. Firstly, government should impose severe punishments on crimes who illegal wildlife trade and animals killing likely imprisonment or death penalty. Furthermore, authorities should cooperate to tackle deforestation which is one of the main culprits for the extinction of some species. This is to preserve the world’s rapidly decreasing forest area as well as the habitats of animals. In terms of individuals, people can raise their awareness of the heavy effects of our activities on creatures. If parents teach their children about these consequences, it will be helpful to educate children what they should do to minimize the negative impact on plants and animals.
    In conclusion, I strongly emphasize that there are various methods to mitigate the damage caused by human activities to the species of animals and plants. By resolving the deforestation problem, applying stricter penalties and increasing awareness, the situation can be addressed.

  5. 卫宇健 says:

    It is as clear as crystal that human activities, such as pollution, urbanization and deforestation have narrowed the space for other species, or even threatened their existence. Some believe that these problems are irreversible thus we could do nothing, while others persisting in carrying out effective initiatives to alleviate the current situation. To make a wise decision, a careful discussion of the above two views is needed.
    Throughout history, varieties of examples may serve as good reasons to those pessimists. They claim that no matter how we try now, it is impossible to revive those extinct species, such as the dodo that died off due to its lack of food and hunting on this planet. Besides, even when we can bring them into life again, there is no room available for them to survive, take the dinosaurs for example, because few people would return to the past and hand over the land to those wild species. In addition, just as the natural law defines“only the fittest can survive”, it is meaningless to maintain the weak ones on the earth, unless they themselves are able to continue their life.
    However, we cannot leave things like this to go on; otherwise, the doomsday for human beings will come soon. Firstly, over-exploitation of natural resources should be reduced. Hunting and smuggling of wild animals and plants should be banned. Furthermore, damages to the nature, as well as the wild creatures, ought to be restricted. The decrease in the use of fertilizer and pesticides, the decline in deforestation and the reduction in pollution, can all contribute to a better ecology system to hold all the creatures on the earth.
    To sum up, both sides seem to be reasonable to some extent. However, personally, I tend to support the latter because something is better than nothing, and we cannot sit and wait for our death without doing anything.

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