Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample |Housing Has Become A Main Problem In Many Countries

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Housing and accommodation has become a major problem in several countries. What are the major factors that contribute to the problem? What can be done to help reduce the number of homeless people?

Band 8 IELTS essay sample

The scarcity of houses is becoming a serious issue in many countries. The changing family structure and the explosion of population seem to be at the root of this problem. However, some workable solutions which can ameliorate the situation exist.

The biggest factor which causes the shortage of houses is the burgeoning population. The accelerating birth rate and the limited availability of land have made it difficult / challenging to provide housing for all the people. Another factor which aggravates the problem of housing is the increasing trend of nuclear families. While children used to live with their parents as well as grandparents in the past, today’s children prefer to live alone either to maintain their privacy or to fulfill work and study related commitments. This means more houses are required to accommodate more families.

On the bright side, there are solutions to this problem. The government should enact new laws that help in effective utilisation of available land for housing. For example, the government should make legislations to force citizens to make use of underground space. For instance, garage or storeroom which does not need much lightening can be built in the basement. The land saved thus can be provided to other homeless people. Likewise, people should be encouraged to reside in high rise buildings of closely knitted apartments since these can house more people in a relatively smaller piece of land.

In conclusion, housing problems are caused by the growing population and the increase in the number of nuclear families. However, the government can mitigate this problem by encouraging the use of underground spaces and the construction of skyscrapers.

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