Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample | A Person’s Upbringing Determines Their Chances Of Success In Adult Life

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Some people say a person’s success in adult life is the result of the way they were brought up as a child by their parents. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Band 8 IELTS essay sample

Some people believe that a person’s success in adult life is a result of upbringing they received. I do not quite agree with this view. In my opinion, the success of a person is very much a result of their hard work and perseverance.

Upbringing is certainly important, but just because a child is brought up well, there is no guarantee that they will be successful in their adult life. Although parents are the ultimate teachers and guides of a child, many people grow up either without their parents or against their parents’ principles. Quite a few people learn to live life or make it big in life without family support or help. There have been many such success stories. For example, many wealthy businessmen on the Wall Street were orphans; yet they earned success from scratch.

Talent, skills and hard work coupled with experience are important factors in any successful individual’s life. People grow from their experiences or situations .Their success depends upon their ability to learn from their mistakes. Life choices also play a prime role in shaping an individual’s success path. For example, the friends or company we keep could affect our life tremendously.

To conclude, no matter whether an individual is born with a silver spoon in their mouth or to wealthy parents, ultimately it is their perseverance and hard work that take them to places. Upbringing is certainly important but it is not the only factor that determines a person’s chances of success in life.

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