IELTS Report Sample | Life Cycle Of An Adult Lady Bird

lady bird diagram

Sample report

The diagram illustrates the life cycle and anatomy of a lady bird. Overall, the life cycle of a lady bird consists of four stages. It starts life as an egg and goes through two other stages before finally becoming an adult lady bird. As for its anatomy, a adult lady bug has mainly seven body parts.

The life cycle of a lady bird starts with an adult lady bird laying eggs on leaves. The egg stage is for 2-5 days and the egg develops into a larva and remains in the larval stage for 21 days. From the larva, the pupa is formed and this stage lasts seven days. This pupa develops and matures into an adult lady bird. As for the anatomy, a lady bird has 7 main body parts. The head consists of 2 antennas, eyes and a protonum. The trunk of an adult lady bird is covered with red elytra. The wings and the abdomen lie under the red elytra. This adult lady bug has six legs with three on each side.

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