Band 8 Essay Sample | Watching Violent Content Makes Children Aggressive

The following is an essay submitted by one of our students.

Many parents are unhappy because of the increasing amount of violence in their children by computer games, TV programs, and other leisure activities.

What are the harmful effects of such violent programs on children?

What are the solutions for this problem?

Band 8 essay sample

Nowadays, many parents are concerned about their children’s violent behavior because of the increase in the portrayal of violence in various entertainment programs. These violent programs have many harmful effects. This essay will elaborate more on the harmful effects and suggest possible solutions to mitigate these effects.

To begin with, aggressive behavior in children is one of the side effects of watching violent programs. Children often imitate what they see on television. When they are exposed to violence via TV programs, they start believing that aggression is the best solution for every problem, and they start adopting these unwanted behaviors in their daily life. For example, studies have conclusively shown that children who watch a lot of violent content show high levels of aggression.

Another effect of watching violent content is that they become fearless. Movies always have a hero who has the power to do anything. Teenagers often get influenced by reel heroes. They also get into the habit of abusing weak children. Cases of bullying in schools are increasing.

There are possible solutions to handle these effects. Firstly, parental control can play a major role. Parents must become more vigilant and closely monitor the activities of their children. They also need to educate their young ones that violence is not good for the society and take corrective measures when they see such kind of behavior in their children. Parental lock on TV channels can help parents to limit what their children see on television. Another possible solution is by involving children in community services. Social services like helping elderly people help children to become docile and develop empathy for weaker sections of the society.

To conclude, watching violent content leads to dangerous effect on children such as aggression and fearlessness. These behaviors can be tackled with effective coaching and proper vigilance from parents and by involving children in community services.

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