Band 8 essay sample | Part time jobs make students stressed out

Some students work while studying. This often results in lacking time for education and constantly feeling under pressure. What do you think are the causes of this?

What solutions can you suggest?

The following is an essay submitted by one of our students. 

Education, especially long term courses or studies at prestigious universities can be very costly. To still be able to study, a lot of young adults decide to find a part time job. But often their studies and quality of life suffer from the additional responsibility. Symptoms linked to stress and work overload are known medical problems amongst students.

Multiple reasons might oblige a student to work while studying. First of all, it is the simple lack of financial support from his family. It is true that really poor families will be supported by the government to be able to send their kids to university. But this is often not the case with middle class families. Yet, middle class families do not necessarily have a lot of money to finance long studies. Another reason can be the choice of place. Some universities are better than others, but might be in a more expensive city or have higher fees. Some courses are indeed very long and it can be difficult for a family to finance long studies especially when they have more than one child. Finally, finding a part time job can also be the personal choice of a young adult seeking financial independence.

As can be seen, the motivations are various. But there are solutions to help students manage the combined burden of studies and financial commitments. Scholarships are one of them. Another solution can be to offer students job possibilities in a field linked to their studies. This will not only make them earn money but also give them experiences useful for their studies and exams. In a way, a student can work and learn at the same time.

So it seems to me that the reasons to take a part time job are diverse, inevitable and often fully understandable. I think solutions – such as scholarships and intelligent and qualifying job possibilities – should be implemented by universities in order to help the students and to increase the quality of education.

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  1. Sam Tarley says:

    Some students work while studying. This often results in lacking time for education and constantly feeling under pressure.
    What do you think are the causes of this?
    What solutions can you suggest?

    In today’s world, it is common to find many students working in various stores. Every 3 out of 4 employees at a major food outlet, like Dominoes, McDonald, etc., are freshmen. Some of these working scholars, because of their part-time jobs, feel burden; they could not devote sufficient time to their studies. The root cause of this problem is the unavailability of financial assistance and the lack of clear career understanding. Few probable solutions to these issues are discussed in this essay.

    In the 21st century, with over 8-billion population, there is tremendous contention for well-paying jobs, and the fees charged by schools and universities skyrocketing. Many working students are those who face monetary crises to fund their education. These pupils either do not have enough funds to support their tuition or to meet the other expenses required during their course of learning, such as rent for accommodation, fund their stationary, etc. Another set of learners, even though financially sound, work to boast in their resume or CV. They feel any work experience in their profile will outshine them from the crowd, therefore, most of them end up enrolling into tedious, exhausting positions.

    Higher-education institutions and the government together can alleviate these problems of froshes and coeds. Bursaries, scholarships, and government aids should be provided to monetarily unstable scholars to sponsor their education. Those willing to work should take up positions relevant to their field of study. As they will not only learn more about their subject of choice but also will gain well-sought experience. Various positions, like Graduate research assistants and teaching assistants, are offered by universities.

    To conclude, a likely reason for pupils to take up jobs during their learning is the lack of financial support and their unawareness towards the prospective career goals. Support from institutions and the government, both monetarily and psychologically, according to me, will help students to concentrate more on their education and will relieve them of unnecessary pressure.

  2. Wasim Akram says:

    These days a lot of students who work while studying is increased drastically. Due to this, it’s negatively impacting on their education, As they are working in their leisure, they do not have enough time for and always come under heavy pressure. This essay will examine the main causes and the solutions to this problem in the following paragraph.

    There are plenty of causes for this issue. the main common cause for the problem is lack of money, and because of that, they work while learning. In addition, most of the middle-class families take bank loans for their children’s bright future. Thus scholars focus more on clearing the mortgage than their studies and leads to the negative impact on their education. For example, A survey conducted in India on banks regarding education loans are increased by 60% over the decade and it’s keep growing. Furthermore, when pupils try to study in other states or countries they will have more living and food expenses. For instance, to pursue their career and to have better future, students often try to get into best colleges in different countries like the US, the UK, etc. There accomodation and food prices are high compare to their home town. Therefore, scholars will work for their livelihood.

    There are few measures for this problem. Firstly, if government proposes few scholarships to the students like on merit basis or based on their family income etc. In other words, when brilliant student gets a scholarship from a government or some fiem, that person will focus only on learning instead of earning. Secondly, if government or universities or some organisations provide few facilities on accommodation with no or low fees for the students, they can concentrate only on their academics instead of working for their living, For example, In India, there are few universities provide free accommodation for their students.

    To conclude, I believe that individuals are in pressure due to lack of funds. The government or some firms or universities could sponsor them to relieve stress.

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