Band 8 Essay Sample | More People Are Travelling Than Ever Before

The following is an essay submitted by one of our students.

Today more people are travelling than ever before.

Why is this the case?

What are the benefits of travelling for the Traveler?

Band 8 essay sample

A few centuries ago travelling was only for the rich, but it has now become very common amongst all the people. This is attributable to the advancement in technology. Today we have aeroplanes and they have reduced travel times significantly.

Various modes of travel are available these days, which give people the freedom to choose based on their budget and time. Earlier, there were very few options available. People had to either spend a lot of money to get on a aeroplane or spend a lot of time to get to their destination via sea or by train. These days, travellers have plenty of flights to choose from. Aeroplane tickets are more affordable since the frequency of flights have increased considerably.

This shift has brought about a lot of benefits for the travellers.  They can easily visit several locations, travelling long distances in a couple of hours. It allows travellers to explore different cultures, appreciate their values, and enjoy their food. For example, when tourists visit undeveloped countries, they see a lot of people who don’t have the basic necessities of life. It makes them value what they have in life and fills their heart with gratitude. Travellers learn to value and respect the diversity and differences.

Moreover, travelling works as a stress buster for the travellers. It gives them a nice break from their work or studies, takes their mind off worldly worries, and allows them to enjoy the life beyond boundaries. When they return from their travel, they are more focused and productive in their work.

To sum it up, travel is no longer limited to the wealthy.  Many people have in fact taken up travelling as a full-time job to make a living. It has helped tourists to understand different cultures and appreciate the differences.

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