Band 8 Essay Sample | More And More People Are Showing An Interest in Finding Out Their Family History

The following is a band 8 essay sample submitted by one of our students.

People are interested in finding one’s own family history.

Why they do so? Is it a positive or negative development?

Band 8 essay sample

Nowadays, people are showing keen interest in knowing their family history. There are various reasons to justify this curiosity. I believe this is a positive trend as it will bring one closer to one’s extended family. Also young people may feel motivated when they learn about the achievements of their ancestors.

To begin with, people feel proud when they come to know about the achievements of their forefathers. Another reason to find out the history of one’s ancestors is to find out the family medical history. This may often prove beneficial. For instance, if a person knows that his or her great grandparents had diabetes, then they can take corrective measures to ensure that the disease is not transferred to them or the future generation.

In my view, this is a positive development. Due to technology, people can now connect with all the extended members of the family. Hence by knowing their roots, families have better opportunity to forge closer relationships. Family history also helps young generations to get inspired. For example, a young child may get inspired to join army after they discover that their great grandfather was a freedom fighter.

To conclude, I believe knowledge of family roots helps individuals to get inspired and more connected as they come to know more about their extended family. I presume in the near future understanding of family history and particularly medical history will help doctors to find cure for diseases more effectively.

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