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These days literature of all sorts can be easily found on the internet; so one could think that there is no need for libraries anymore.

The following essay was submitted by one of our readers. 

While it is true that the internet is a vast treasure house of knowledge and information, I don’t agree with the argument that libraries are no longer needed. Libraries offer far more benefits to a community than online services.  First of all, they allow people to come to a quiet and peaceful place where they can look around, discover books and feel at ease. They can also meet other people sharing the same interest.

Libraries are also a very good place for children and youngsters. Teachers and parents can take them there and introduce them to the magic world of books. They can make them discover and hopefully appreciate books and the knowledge they contain.

Today we are overwhelmed by information coming from all sorts of sources. Anyone can publish information online. There is no easy way to find out whether the information we find online is true or false. Books, on the other hand, are brought out by trusted publishers. This makes books a more reliable source of information than the internet. Moreover, libraries often host cultural events such as lectures and exhibitions and contribute to the development of a community.

Last but not least, public libraries are open for everyone. Not every person has access to the internet or can afford the electronic device necessary to download and read books. Furthermore, some people, especially the elderly, are not comfortable reading on a screen.

For all the reasons listed above, I believe that public libraries are still required.  They are places that promote culture, teaching and learning. They offer opportunities for people to meet and discuss and thus strengthen the community. A healthy and dynamic community is a major asset for every town.

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