Band 8 essay sample: Is salary more important than the quality of the workplace?

Essay topic

Some people like to work in a company which offers high salary. Some others think that it is good to work in a company which offers a good working atmosphere. What is your opinion? Discuss both the views with examples.

Sample response

Some people prefer high-paying jobs. Others place more importance on the quality of the workplace. This is basically a matter of personal preference and I don’t think that one option is better than the other. It depends on the unique circumstances of the employee.

In the developing countries many families have a single source of income. Consequently, they need a well-paying job to take care of their expenses. Also, in many of these countries, people don’t get any financial support from their governments. All of these factors encourage them to opt for a job with a higher salary. Companies also believe that employees will deliver their best performance when they are offered a good salary.

The situation is somewhat different in the developed world where many families have multiple sources of income. People in these countries also get a lot of benefits from their government. Needless to say, they are not concerned about earning more money; they would rather prefer a good working environment.

There is yet another reason for this preference. The working environment affects the employees’ performance in many ways. A study conducted by a multinational company revealed that a good working environment enhances the efficiency of the employees because it keeps them relaxed. And employees tend to work better when they are relaxed.

In my opinion, money is as important as the quality of the workplace. After all, everybody should be able to earn enough to lead a comfortable life. I would like to work in a company that offers a great working environment and a reasonably good salary.

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    They have not asked for you opinion in the question why are you giving one then is it wrong? You have to answer the question.

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