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Many people think that job satisfaction is important in work. Do you think young people these days should be sure of getting job satisfaction before taking a job or should they put salary first?

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Job satisfaction is an important criterion for many people. In my opinion, being happy with the job should be the key reason why somebody chooses a job in the first place and therefore it should be put above anything else, including salary. But, this does not mean that salary should be completely overlooked while searching for a job.

Looking for a job is a daunting process and there are key factors that must be considered. The most important one, in my view, is making sure that the individual is pleased with the job they have chosen not just because of the salary or benefits, but because of the work they will be doing. If, for example, the job an individual chooses requires a large amount of physical work with a good pay but they are not very suited for that, it would drastically affect their work performance and mood. This could lead to a huge amount of stress on the worker and they may end up quitting which puts them back to square one. So, job seekers ought to thoroughly search the requirements that comes with the job they are interested in and think if they can handle all of those personally before applying.

However, salary, the second most important factor should not be ignored or overlooked during the process of job searching. The government makes sure that all workers get paid the minimum wage, but that is not enough in many cases.

In my opinion, job satisfaction and salary are the two most important factors to be considered while choosing a job; of these, job satisfaction should always come first before making a decision in that regard.

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