Band 8 essay sample about the impact of computer use on children

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Using a computer every day can have more negative than positive effects on your children. Do you agree or disagree?

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There are valid reasons to believe that the daily use of computers has some serious negative impacts on youngsters. I personally agree with the above statement. The everyday use can cause health issues, addiction and exposure to vulnerable materials. Thus, as the technology advances, the challenges we face will become too difficult to tackle.

First of all, using computers every day affects the health. Children spend majority of their time in front of computers without doing any exercise. This causes obesity and short-sight, which are a common problem for our children in the developed world. Regardless of this issue, parents still assist their children in using computers because computer literacy is now a must.

Secondly, the daily use of computers causes dependency. Youngsters rely on this technology for any work or task. For example, they use it to get ideas for their essay topics instead of thinking on their own. According to the recent research, children of the 21st century use only about 0.1 percent of their brain power.

Last but not the least computers have abundance of data which is unsafe for children. For instance, a single typing error may introduce a child to a world of pornography. If the children surf the internet every day it is difficult to imagine how they can stay away from these harmful materials.

To sum up, I believe that the negative effects of using computers on a daily basis outweigh the positive effects. Therefore, parents’ supervision is compulsory.


This seems to be a band 8 essay. The student has addressed the task reasonably well. Also, there are few grammar mistakes.

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