Band 8 Essay Sample About The Advantages Of Working From Home

The following is a band 8 essay sample submitted by one of our students.

Computers and modems have made it possible for office workers to do much of their works from home instead of working in offices every day. Working from home should be encouraged as it is good for workers and employees.

Do you agree or disagree?

Band 8 essay sample

As the technology has advanced, an increasing number of people are now able to work from home using their computers rather than going to workplace every day. In my opinion this trend should be promoted as it brings many benefits for workers as well as employers.

To begin with, nowadays working with the computers from home has brought several advantages to people. Firstly, the atmosphere at home helps to reduce stress as people can work at their own pace without facing any distraction from other colleagues. Therefore they can complete their tasks with more perfection. Secondly, when people work from home, they can save money on travel costs. They also get to take care of their home and children. This is particularly helpful for women with young children. Since it eliminates the need to go out to work, they can take care of their children and at the same time build their career.

Apart from the workers, the employers benefit from this approach. The main advantage is that chances of conflict among employees reduce when they work from home and productivity increases. Moreover, employers do not have to worry about organizing vacations for their staff. They do not have to invest in expensive hardware either. When employees work from their home, they will most probably be using their computers, printers, telephones and other equipment to get their work done. Employers can also save money on utility bills and rentals.

To conclude, it is true that nowadays a growing number of people are working from home instead of going to office. In my opinion, this arrangement should be supported as it benefits both the employees and the employers.


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