Band 8 Essay Sample About Rising Crime Rates

IELTS Essay sample

Each year, the crime rate increases.
What are the causes of crime and what could be done to prevent this rise in criminal activity?

Band 8 essay sample

Statistical studies over the last decade have shown an invariable increase in crime rates due to various reasons. This essay will dive into the causes of crime and suggest remedies to mitigate the rise in criminal activities.

Rapid urbanization has caused the migration of the rural population to urban areas in search of greener pastures all over the world. This increase in competition for housing, employment and other necessities has led to a precarious situation in larger cities. Rising unemployment and discontent amongst the people due to socio-economic reasons manifest in different ways.

Crimes committed by the youth can be attributed to illiteracy, peer pressure or circumstances. Rising cost of living and disparity between the rich and the poor are also leading causes of crime in cities. Sometimes, the media also glorifies crime. Teenagers who watch such programmes often arrive at the conclusion that it is ‘cool’ to get involved in anti-social or criminal activities.

Even in such a grim situation, there are plenty of actions that can be taken to curtail rising crime rates. The governing bodies must help create employment opportunities for youth in rural areas and help them develop the economy. Entrepreneurs in cities should be entrusted with the task of creating job opportunities for the youth. Primary education should be made compulsory across the nation so as to discourage the young from diverting towards crimes. To contain anti-social situations, the government should award stringent punishments to criminals. In addition providing subsidies to people living under poverty levels would help provide sustenance.

To sum it up, even though countries have seen a surge in crimes year after year due to various reasons, there are solutions that can prove beneficial. Good governance combined with responsible acts from citizens can help eradicate crimes from the face of earth.

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