Universities Should Only Teach Science And Technology

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Some people argue that universities should only offer courses related to science and technology as these subjects will be helpful in the coming years, while others opine that students should be allowed to study the subjects of their own choice. Although students will definitely enjoy designing their own curriculum, in my opinion, allowing them to decide what they should study is not a wise idea because they may end up choosing subjects that have no demand in the job market.

It is true that allowing students to choose their subjects will make learning more interesting for them. It may also discourage them from dropping out; however, this strategy may produce graduates and post graduates with no job skills. Students are too young to understand the requirements of the job market. If they have an opportunity to choose their subjects, they are more likely to choose those subjects they are interested in. For example, many students find arts, literature and history interesting. While it is true that these subjects are also worth learning, they create much fewer jobs than subjects like science and technology. Consequently, this will increase the unemployment rate in the country.

Education is much more than an opportunity to acquire knowledge. Ideally, education should equip students with the skills required to earn a livelihood. Since science and technology produces more jobs than any other sector or subject, in my opinion, universities should definitely give preference to those subjects. This, however, does not mean that other subjects like arts or literature should not be offered at all. That strategy is also unlikely to produce the desired results because the world needs musicians, painters and writers as much as it needs doctors and engineers.

To conclude, universities should certainly give more importance to subjects like science and technology. However, they should also offer other subjects to students who have a genuine interest in them.

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