There Is A Sharp Increase In The Number Of People Studying At University

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Over the last few decades, there has been a sharp increase in the number of students enrolling in/at universities. Some people opine that the main benefit of this is the increase in the educational level of people. Others, however, think that this trend has a negative impact on the quality of education. In this essay, I will explain why it is an advantage that more students are going to university and why larger size classes can decrease the quality of education.

On the one hand, if universities receive a higher number of students, there will also be a corresponding increase in the number of people with professional skills. This will eventually benefit the economy because educated people are an asset. University gives theoretical knowledge that can be applied to make more informed decisions in the society. To illustrate more than 60 % of the population have a bachelor’s degree in countries such as United States and Australia, which has allowed them to be first world countries.

On the other hand, the quality of education can be compromised when there are more people in the classroom. Universities often use the same amount of resources to teach a class of 40 and a class of 100. This will definitely compromise the quality of education. For example, in Colombia teachers receive the same salary whether a class has 10 students or 50 students. Consequently, they are less interested in teaching large classes because it is more work for the same amount of money.

In conclusion, the increasing number of students in higher education has advantages and disadvantages. Although the quality of the classes can be affected, this trend is generally advantageous for the society. People who have studied at university are more resourceful and benefit the economy of the nation in several ways.

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