Band 8.5 essay sample | Only staff who worked in a company for a long time should be given promotion

Some people think that only staff who worked in a company for a long time should be promoted to higher positions. Do you agree or disagree? Give your opinion and examples.

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Promotions help boost the morale of employees. Higher positions earn higher salaries and hence everyone wants to be promoted. Some people feel that only those employees who have worked for an organization for several years should be given promotion. I don’t agree with this view. In my opinion, the time spent in an organization should be just one of the criteria for determining an employee’s eligibility for promotion.

Employers often believe that employees who have spent a lot of years in an organization are more likely to be loyal to it. They tend to reward this loyalty with promotions and rises. I am not against promoting senior employees. However, in my opinion, new hires too should be promoted if they have the skills and qualifications.

Just because someone has spent ten or twenty years in an organization, it does not mean that they are the most competent. Sometimes new employees deliver better performance than senior employees because they possess more skills and qualifications. What’s more, a ‘new employee’ may have years of experience in another organization.
If competent employees are denied promotion because they don’t have years of experience in the organization, it will affect their morale. Worse, it may encourage them to quit and join another company that honours talent. Attrition will only hurt the interests of an organization.

To conclude, in my opinion, employers should consider a variety of factors while determining an employee’s eligibility for promotion. This includes their qualifications, special skills and domain expertise. Promotions and rises encourage employees to work harder. If they are denied promotion in spite of their hard work and eligibility, they might just quit.

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  1. FARHAD says:

    Some people think that only staff who have worked in a company for a long time should be promoted to higher positions. Do you agree or disagree? Give your opinion and examples.

    Some nowadays are of the opinion that only loyal employees who have worked in an organization for a long time should be promoted. I largely agree with this statement, but with the certain exemption mostly related to the various crucial conditions.

    On the one hand, some who have worked for an organization for ten years does not be automatically promoted, just because he or she spent a bulk of time in one company or deserve a promotion because of the local experiences. Often new employees, who just entrance to the workforce could create more profit for both the governmental or private organization, as he or she possesses more up-to-date knowledge and have a chance to rebuild current outdated work system and make them more profitable and convenient. Moreover, a fresh glance at the old problem allows newcomers to spot and altered many issues in the company during the global financial crisis or when the company suffers from a lack of customers or poor service, which eventually increases the company profits by the additional income and eliminating errors.
    Nevertheless, despite some valuable arguments listed above, the aforementioned facts should be considered only in rare, crucial situations, while in the majority of cases employees who have worked in the company for many years and already proved their loyalty should and must be promoted for the sake of the company’s well-being. To begin with promoted experienced employees would play a role model for others and will definitely encourage colleagues to work hard to move up on a career ladder and occupy an executive position in their own corporation. This will stimulate others to work for the same corporation for a long time, as they will sure to get a promotion at the end. Furthermore, average junior employees in the global corporation are quite aware of various standard procedures and have already met and even created endurance work network with the staff. Therefore local, an experienced employee could easily coordinate all members of the project, as he or she will already be aware of the other employee’s personal characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses.
    In conclusion, , despite some tangible benefits, and rare asides when companies need to promote outside professionals to solve their financial and structural issues, in the majority of other cases only employees who already showed their dedication and devote a bulk of time for the company development should be promoted for the further company and employees developments and prosperity.

  2. FARHAD says:

    Many nowadays are of the opinion that only employees who already showed their loyalty to the corporation and devote a bulk of time in the certain organization should have the opportunity to be promoted, I largely agree with such a basic statement, but with certain exceptions mostly related to the crucial financial situations.
    On the on hand, some who already devoted the bulk of his or her time to the particular company should not be promoted only for the fact that he deserves it or sacrifices part of his work life on company development. Often newcomers show more loyalty to the company, rather than old employees. Moreover in the crucial situation when a company suffers from the lack of creative ideas, fresh blood, and the ability to observe the catastrophic situation from a different angle could help the company to escape from the financial morass. Therefore hire and promote more creative and experienced employees outside the company, especially in critical moments could be a useful and practical solution, rather than ordinary employees who contributed a large time to the company but at the same time struggle to help when in crucial situation.
    Nevertheless, despite some valuable arguments listed above, while external more creative staff could be useful only in an emergency situation, ordinary employees with the average abilities, but who spent a vast time in the company deserve both promotions in salary and in the higher job place. They would play not only the role of the model for the others but most certainly increase their effort and encourage others to work hard under the corporation’s achievements. All aforementioned facts will definitely have a positive influence on the company’s social and financial aspect, ultimately leading to eliminating various issues and tension between the management and junior staff.
    In conclusion, rare instants aside , when promoting external staff could be efficient practice, in the rest of the cases only staff who already showed their dedication to the company should be promoted, for the sale of useful and pleasant woratmosphere.

    • Manjusha Nambiar says:

      This seems band 6.5 to me. Write less complicated sentences. That is the easiest way to reduce your grammar mistakes.

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