Band 7 report about water consumption

Task 1


The following is a report submitted by one of our students. Keep in mind that all band score predictions are approximate.

Band 7 report

The provided pie charts illustrate the distribution of water usage (residential, industry and agriculture) in two areas in the US, which are San Diego County and California, and in the world.

The agriculture usage of water takes the least percentage in San Diego and California, which are 17% and 28% respectively. In both regions, most of the water resource is used by residents. While the residential water consumption only has a slight advantage (39%) over the others (33% for industry and 28% for agriculture) in California, in San Diego, more than half of the water goes to homes.

By contrast, the distribution of water usage in the world is significantly different from San Diego and California. Most of the water (69%), is consumed by agriculture in the world. The global industry water consumption has the same percentage with the proportion in San Diego, which is 23%. The residential water usage, which has the largest percentage in the two regions in America, however, occupies a mere 8% of worldwide water usage.

In summary, there is an obvious difference between the water usage in the world and in the two areas in America. The water consumed by homes takes the most proportion in San Diego and California, whereas it takes the least in the rest of the world, in which the agriculture is the major consumer of water resource.



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