Band 7 letter sample | Letter to a neighbour

The animal your neighbours keep in their garden has brought you serious problems. You think they must do something to prevent causing further trouble to you.

Write a letter to your neighbours. In your letter:

  • tell them who you are
  • explain what the problem is
  • suggest what they should do to settle the problem

Sample letter

Dear Mr. Smith,

My name is xxx and I am staying in the house exactly opposite to yours with my parents and children. I am writing to complain about your pet dog ‘Rocky’.

You always tie up Rocky in your front garden during night hours. We have been observing since last one week that it continuously keeps on barking loudly without any reason. It causes a serious disturbance to my elderly parents who are very sensitive to noise while they fall asleep. Besides, it interrupts my son who is preparing for final exams and usually studies till mid night.

Hence, I would request you to either put Rocky in your backyard or take to veterinary physician for check-up. It may be behaving strangely due to extreme hunger so try to keep some extra food in night.
I hope you will take up this problem seriously. I look forward for the solution urgently.

Yours sincerely,


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