Band 7 IELTS Essay Sample | International Sporting Events Are A Waste Of Money And Time

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Over the past fifty years, international sports events such as the Olympic Games and world cup competitions have played an increasingly important role in our society. However, many people think such events are an enormous waste of money, time and effort. Do you agree?

Band 7 IELTS essay sample

In the last five decades, sports competitions have become an essential part of any society. Some people opine that a lot of resources are invested and wasted in these events. This essay disagrees with the given statement that governments spend too much money, preparation time and energy for international tournaments because the host country receives benefits, such as more  visitors and international recognition during the games.

No doubt, international sports competitions encourage people to visit the country that hosts the matches. This tourism boosts all the sectors of the nation’s economy. Tourists spend a large amount of money on food, goods, transport, souvenirs, tours and entry fees to the matches. For example, Brazil received more than 5 millions of tourists during the last World Cup. Their efforts paid off well because the revenue from the event was much higher than the amount they spent on it.

In addition, when a country hosts a huge international tournament, it will gain a lot of global recognition. The host nation receives a lot of media attention before, during and after the games. Television channels, radio stations, newspapers and social media offer up to the moment information on the games and the host country. To illustrate, my Korean classmate had not known that Brazil is located in South America until he saw the inauguration of the World Cup 2014.

In conclusion, although governments invest large amounts of funds to host an international sports competition, in my opinion the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. These events attract more tourists to the country and improve their economy.

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