Band 7 IELTS Essay Sample | Discipline is an ever increasing problem in modern schools

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Discipline is an ever increasing problem in modern schools. Some people think that discipline should be the responsibility of teachers, while others think that this is the role of parents. Discuss both sides and give our opinion.

Band 7 IELTS essay sample

It is true that many schools now have to contend with a lack of discipline among students. Some argue that teachers should play a vital role in enforcing discipline at school while others hold parents responsible for this. In my opinion, both parents and teachers have an equally important role in raising disciplined children.

Over the years, schools are observing increased rate of acts of indiscipline by pupils. So, some people insist that since children spend most of their time in schools, teachers should play a crucial role in inculcating discipline in them. Furthermore, due to their influence, teachers can easily develop good manners in children. Also, due to the fear of being reprimanded or punished by teachers or the principal, children are more receptive to the teachings of discipline from teachers.

On the other hand, others argue that teachers have other important tasks at school, so parents should primarily teach discipline to their wards. Also, most of the time children learn bad behaviour from home. Since parents don’t give them constant attention, they get the leeway to be mischievous at home. They may repeat the same behaviour at school. If parents enforce strict rules of discipline at home, this can be prevented to a great extent. What’s more, parents can appropriately punish their children without causing them too much distress whereas punishments from teachers can be embarrassing and may make a child rebellious.

To conclude, it is evident that parents and teachers should share the responsibility of inculcating discipline in children.

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