Band 7 IELTS Academic Report Sample

The following report was sent by one of our students.

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Write a report based on the information given in the following chart.

Band 7 IELTS Report Sample


The table gives information about the number of people from 3 age groups employed in 10 different sectors.

Overall, the majority of people work in the manufacturing sector whereas the least number of people are employed in the accountancy field. While the main job area for the youngest group is retail industry, most of the oldest people work in the manufacturing sector.

We can see from the chart that an equal number of people (4) from each age group works in the law sector. The other sectors including agriculture, catering and accountancy have generated fewer jobs for all groups (less than 10 people from each group employed in these fields). In the local government and education sectors also relatively fewer people are employed. However, the employment of the middle aged and the oldest group in those areas is higher in number compared to the youngest group.

In the 18 -25 group, the majority works in retail sector (23) followed by ‘others (21)’ .By contrast in the 40-65 age group, the largest  number of people works in manufacturing sector(23).The middle aged group is mostly  employed in what is referred to as ‘other’ (18), followed by manufacturing (15) and health (15).

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