Band 7 essay samples: It is better to study abroad

These essays are written by students and contain several mistakes. (See the underlined parts). We merely provide them as writing samples. Note that all band score predictions are approximate.

Essay topic

It is better to study abroad. Agree or disagree?

Essay written by the student

Nowadays, more and more people decide to further their study abroad. It is because they believe that studying overseas offers more advantages than studying at their home country. Is this a true argument? Let’s examine.

Firstly, foreign institutions offer better courses than institutions in their home country. They have lecturers who are experts in their fields where students are able to score good results in their academic curriculum. Hence, these foreign institutions become more prestigious than universities in the student’s own country. For example, University of Oxford, which located in United Kingdom, is one of the world top-ranking universities which attract students from all over the world. By studying abroad, students can expand their knowledge and gain qualifications that open the door to better job opportunities. Therefore, studying abroad is better than studying at their home country.

Secondly, studying abroad can help broaden student’s horizon. They have more opportunities to learn about different cultures and customs. In my experiences, I have an opportunity to learn and adapt an Australian’s culture which is totally different from my culture. I also learn a new language while I am studying in Australia. If I continue to study at my home country, I would not be able to learn foreign languages and different cultures. Therefore, studying abroad is better than studying in the home country.

I would agree that it is better to study abroad because it helps young people to learn different cultures and provide them better career opportunities once they have gained exceptional qualifications from a prestigious institution.

Band score

This is a good essay. There are a few grammar mistakes, but nothing really serious. The student seems to have trouble using relative and adverb clauses and needs to work on them. Overall, this looks like a band 7 essay sample.

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