Band 7 essay sample | Technology is responsible for unemployment

Since the 18th century technological advances have replaced people in the workplace. With today’s technology this process is happening at a greater rate. Technology is increasingly responsible for unemployment.

To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Band 7 essay sample

Modern technology helps people live a lot easier, although it has a number of disadvantages. The fantasy vision of robots controlling major parts of human lives is slowly becoming a reality. Unemployed people blame the government for allowing this situation to spiral out of control but opinions are divided.

Unemployment in 21th century is far higher than what it was a couple of decades ago. Inventors work really hard to develop new machines and robots. The trend of saving money on labour has dramatically increased and this can be noticed on a daily basis. People use all of the inventions every day, but they are starting to see the downsides of machines as well. New self-checkout machines in most supermarkets have replaced over 50 percent of old fashion cashiers. In some countries the train drivers has been replaced by self-driving trains. Now many of us are withdrawing money through cash machines. Looking at this trend one might assume that technology has increased the number of people without jobs. However, it is not quite true.

The machines have considerably improved our standard of life. They haven’t killed jobs. Actually, it is safe to claim that the new technologies have created new professions. Every machine requires regular service and repairs, so engineers are in high demand. Most of the new technologies need to be constantly improved by inventors. This gives new career opportunities for the youngsters, and university teachers.  Fewer labourers means less costs and lower final product price.

The number of advantages is far higher than disadvantages. Using all of the inventions and blaming them for the loss of jobs is hypocrisy. Laziness is the major problem, and the increase in machine usage is only a ridiculous excuse.

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