Band 7 essay sample | Park land should be used for housing

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Many major cities are facing a housing crisis as they cannot provide enough land for new buildings. Some local governments believe the problem could be solved by reassigning park land for residential development, because this land would be better used for housing.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Band 7 essay sample

With the growing population in many countries and the increasing number of people leaving rural areas in search for a better life, the housing crisis is affecting some of the biggest cities. That is because the space is not enough to accommodate everyone anymore. Land currently preserved by national parks may be on their last days as some local governments are willing to reassign these areas for residential development. I strongly believe that park areas should be preserved as long as possible for the sake of quality of life in the cities. Firstly, in this essay I will address the importance of green areas on big metropolises and then a possible solution for this problem.

Green areas in large cities play an important role on the quality of the air. The pollution made by cars, factories and the burning of fossil fuels in general is reduced by preservation parks inside the cities. This is extremely important for our health. The World Health Organization (WHO) has suggested that every city should have a minimum of 9 square meters of green space per person.

With the need for space growing without stop on the cities, the local government sees no option besides give up on some of the city’s park lands. A very good way to minimize the negative effects of this action is to create rooftop gardens. If most buildings had large beautiful gardens covering their rooftops, the problem of cities running out of green areas would be solved.

In conclusion, I believe that green areas should be protected against the real estate market. The WHO recognizes that a minimum of 9 square meters of green space per person is necessary to live a healthier life in the city. To turn this problem around, gardens should be created on the rooftops of the majority of the buildings.

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