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Essay topic

Computer technology has had more of a negative than a positive impact on society? How far do you agree with this statement? Support your views with reasons and/or examples from your own experience.


Every coin has two sides and the same is the case with Technology. Technology has changed the way we think, live and interact. Still critics often talk about the ill effects of technology. To my mind, technology has changed our lives for the better.

The most important benefit of technology is the availability of vast amount of information on the Internet. If you want to study any subject or become a domain expert, it is extremely easy through websites such as Khan academy, Edx and Coursera. Most websites on the internet provide information for free. In addition, the world has become a global village. Technology platforms like Whatsapp, Skype and Facebook have made it possible for us to communicate with our near and dear ones instantly. Further, technology has made it possible to perform basic activities like booking taxis and hotels at one click. Thus it is clear that technology is becoming an important tool that makes our lives easier, simpler and better.

There are some minor disadvantages to technology. Technology has disrupted many traditional industries. Some individuals have lost jobs due to the advancement in technology. Further research suggests that constant use of social media creates anxiety and stress. Also critics often argue that people have stopped having face to face interactions with one another due to technology.

To conclude, I think technology is a game changer that has made the world a better place to live in. There are some drawbacks too. However, they cannot be a hindrance for the progressive development of mankind.

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