Band 7 essay sample | Government should take measures to improve people’s health

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Some people think that government should take measures regarding the healthy lifestyle of individuals. Others think it must be managed by individuals. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Band 7 essay sample

Over the past decade, the healthy lifestyles have become one of the pillars in maintaining and transforming modern societies. Some have opined that authorities should apply restricted measures to encourage individuals to follow appropriate lifestyle, while others see it as an individual responsibility to control their habits and follow those programs. This essay will discuss both point of views.

Government authorities such as ministry of public health, promote the deployment of such programs. However, measuring the results is essential in shaping new plans and bridging the gaps. Governments are required to allocate the required budget based on the results achieved. For example, following such programs will reduce the number of patients which in turn will make a significant reduction in the required medical care budget. Another factor why government should apply those measures is its ability to launch and establish health clubs in a large number of cities in addition to the media campaigns that does a great deal of influences on the audience. For example, government can provide healthy food recipes along with the exercises that really help change people style of living. Those examples support the view point of government applying the measures.

On the other hand, Individuals are the main factor of following and maintaining their lifestyle healthy. Without their determination, all government efforts would fail. Measures cannot be followed if the person is not convinced with its advantages. For example, a determined person, who is keen to apply that lifestyle, will find the time throughout the day to apply it. Some fitness videos are now available on the internet to maintain your physical fitness within 15 minutes a day. He will be following a healthy meals to get better results for his own sake. Changing those eating habits will dramatically enhance his health and reduce the diseases.

To conclude, it is now clear that both Government and individuals are sharing the responsibilities of maintaining healthy lifestyle. In my opinion, it is obviously required to engage and stimulate individuals towards such programs. Such engagement cannot be done without the government support.


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