Band 7 Essay Sample | Girls Choose Arts And Boys Choose Science

The following is an essay submitted by one of our students. Note that this essay has not been evaluated by an IELTS examiner. All band score estimates are approximate.

In some schools and universities, girls choose to arts subjects (literature), and boys tend to choose science subjects ( physics). Why do you think this is so ?

Should this tendency be changed ?

Band 7 IELTS essay sample

Nowadays, in some tertiary education institutions , girls like to study arts subjects such as literature while boys desire to learn science subject such as physics. This might be because of the physical demands that involve science subjects. However, this trend should be changed as it is not a scientific approach.

To begin with, it is true that in some higher education institutions girls opt to study arts subjects and boys prefer science subjects. The reason for this is that science subjects involve some physical demands such as carrying out experiments that last for months and years . so boys find these kinds of subjects very interesting . on the other hand, girls believe that arts subjects are suitable for them because they love recreational subjects more than boys do. For instance, a survey in Sudan in 2016 found that around 80% of girls interviewed said they lean toward art subjects because they require less physical demands.

However, this phenomena should be changed because it is not based on any scientific study and thus it does not make any sense. There are many studies which found out that girls outperform boys in science subjects such as biology, chemistry and physics. This clearly shows that they are better than boys in science subjects. So it is very important to encourage girls and boys alike to choose subjects based on their desires and abilities rather than based on gender line.

To sum up, both genders opt what to study at some universities and school based on their genders. This could be attributed to the nature of subjects, but I strongly believe that this trend should be changed as it does not have any scientific base.

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