Band 7 Essay Sample | Does Money Bring Happiness?

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Many people think that enough money brings happiness but others say too much money may bring problems. Do you agree or disagree?

Band 7 essay sample

Most individuals are of the view that a good amount of wealth results into happiness, while some believe that being very rich has its own curse. In my opinion, I completely agree that a lot of money always brings with itself many unforeseen problems as well.

Money and it’s vicious power to attract humans to fulfill their various wishes, at any cost, has always been debated. Earning sufficient money for one’s basic needs and amenities, as well as to fulfill their family obligations and provide them with suitable comforts of a modern life are very much justifiable. However, the issue arises when more wealth leads to a feeling of greed and a sense of invincibility amongst family and peers. As a result, a sense of suspicion, envy and jealousy creeps in within social relationships and takes a heavy toll on family matters as well. For instance, the recent war of words in public between Ambani brothers due to differences of opinion, for sharing and taking control of the vast business empire left over by their father. Such instances, due to fear of personal financial loss lead to permanent damage of relationships and split between families.

Secondly, gaining more and more financial clout and enjoying the material luxuries the world has to offer, comes with its own set of sacrificies. Many high-earning corporate CEO’s and senior level management at most of these companies struggle with their daily hectic work schedules and get overburdened by the responsibilities, with the only aim of maximising the bottom line at all cost. This results in a serious issue of not being able to devote enough time to their family and friends, as well as a deterioration in their physical and mental well-being, and later at times leading to life-threatening diseases. A recent survey by Times showed that more than 40 percent of top executives in India are suffering from high-blood pressure and stress related issues.

In conclusion, I believe that having too much money not only leads to issues in personal and family relationships, but also deprives one of a healthy and peaceful way of life that can be enjoyed with sufficient money.

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