Band 7 essay sample | Advantages and disadvantages of pursuing higher education abroad

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Nowadays, more and more students are moving abroad for higher education. There are people who think there is an advantage to it but a few say that there are some drawbacks as well. Discuss both sides and give your opinion.

Band 7 essay sample

In recent years, there has been a surge in number of students going abroad for higher education. Few people think that moving abroad to pursue higher studies is advantageous, while others argue that there are significant drawbacks. In this essay, we I look into both sides of the argument and provide my support to the former view.

It is a general trend that students consider well developed countries, while they make plans for higher education. I think this comes with numerous advantages. Not only the quality of education is better, but also future career prospects post-graduation are lucrative. For Instance, I moved to USA to pursue my master’s degree and was very impressed with the quality of education, use of modern and effective course delivery techniques, knowledge of teaching staff and so on so forth. Further, good quality education was a key to help me land a job that best suites my career goals. Though the advantages mentioned here look convincing, we need to ponder on the disadvantages.

Majority of the students, who travel abroad for higher education, tend to travel alone leaving behind their loved ones. This can be morally challenging and may lead to depression. In addition, many students go through culture shock and find it difficult to acclimatize to new culture .Furthermore, as discussed earlier that quality of education is better, but quality always goes hand in hand with cost for few this can be really challenging and stressful. For example, mybrother had to go through periods of intense stress to get his higher education loan paid off, but thankfully he was able to pay it all has he secured a decent job. In light of the above mentioned aspects, we can see why some people think pursuing higher education abroad is not all advantageous.

In conclusion, there are points that can be made for both pros and cons of studying abroad. In my opinion, quality of education and bright career prospects that come along with pursuing higher education abroad outweigh any and all the limitations that come with it.

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