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Discuss your opinion on how modernism can affect our health. What can the government do to overcome such situations?

Student’s essay

Owning to the realisation of the importance of health, people have become increasingly concerned about the negative impact of modernism on their physical and mental health. In this essay, I would like to explore the downside of modernism on our health and will also provide some measures to overcome them.

It is obvious that there are numerous demerits of modernisation especially on our health. To start with, one of the negative aspects of modernism is a change in eating habits. Nowadays, most of the people prefer fast food and processed food which are less nutritious with high fat and salt content, instead of home cooked and organic food. As a result, people have become overweight which is one of the risk factors for heart disease, hypertension and high cholesterol.

Another disadvantage of modernism is encouraging people to do less exercise. For instance, most people choose to use lift or escalator rather than staircases, drive rather than walk and enjoy doing indoor rather than outdoor activities. It is undeniable that these modern behaviours and lifestyles are contributing to our ill health. Last but not least, consumerism and materialism which are the outcome of modernism make people workaholics and provide unnecessary physical and mental stress. Therefore, many people have had nervous breakdowns.

Many actions can be taken to combat the negative effects of modernism. The best way to do this is educating people on how to live a healthy life through media by the government .There should be a ban on the advertisement of fast food and the consumer should be fully informed about the danger of fast food with clear instruction on the packaging.

Moreover, the government should encourage people to walk which is not only a healthier choice but also environmental friendly than driving, by constructing pedestrian and walking paths and increasing tax for car users. Finally, the government should implement rules and regulations to fix working hours in order to avoid overwork .This would give people more time to rest and exercise.

To conclude, modernism can be very distressing for one’s health and both governments and individuals should take responsibility to lessen these effects.

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