Band 7 essay about people not feeling safe at home or in public places

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Essay topic

Some people feel unsafe when they are at home and in public. What are some possible causes of this and what are some possible solutions?

Band 7 IELTS essay sample

In today’s world, people may feel that they are put in danger wherever they are. This essay will state what causes this phenomena and how to tackle it.

Various factors can cause people feel insecure. Firstly, media somewhat encourage people to worry about their safety by informing about high crime rates. News programmes on TV tend to report sensational crimes to attract more audience.  If someone is constantly exposed to violent images of crimes such as terror in public places, the person would doubt the security more compared to someone who is not aware of the accidents. Secondly, natural disasters occur more and more frequently as a result of global warming, making people difficult to ensure their safety even at home. Clearly, we are experiencing more common extreme weather condition such as flooding and droughts across the globe.  Since we cannot avoid the damage of these natural disasters by staying inside, fear of dangerous weather conditions keeps growing among people.

In order to tackle this problem, governments and individuals should work together. Governments can place more police on streets to deter criminals and protect citizens. By doing so, governments can reduce crime rates as well as people’s fear of offenses. At the same time, individuals should carefully select what to watch on media and understand the reasons for violent tendency of news. In addition, planning safety measures and precautions in the event of natural disaster can help allay concern of the public. One good example here is to build sea walls to prevent cities from being damaged by flooding.

In conclusion, I suggest that governments and individuals tackle the feeling of insecurity among the public by reducing crime rates and prepare for unexpected natural events.

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