Band 7 Essay About Over Population In Cities

The following is an essay submitted by one of our students.

Overpopulation in many major urban centres around the world is a major problem. What are the causes of this ?

How can this problem be solved ?

Band 7 IELTS essay sample

Nowadays, overpopulation is increasingly becoming problematic. Cities around the world are becoming very crowded and this is a serious problem. This essay will discuss the reasons why this is happening and put forward some solutions for this issue.

To begin with, there are two main causes of overcrowding in cities. Firstly, the concentration of public services such as hospitals and schools in cities. It is easier for people in cities to have access to such services than those in rural areas. For instance, approximately 90% of public services in Sudan are in cities. This clearly shows that people migrate to cities looking for these services. Another reason of overcrowding in cities is their vibrant and active lifestyle which attracts people from rural areas. Generally speaking, the easy access to public services and the fast pace of life in cities are the main reasons of overpopulation in cities.

On the other hand, the overcrowding in urban areas around the world can be addressed in two ways. First of all, governments must provide public services to people in the countries. The sick people instead of travelling to cities looking for treatment will be able to have access to doctors in their counties. Furthermore, governments must build new cities to decrease the size of population in overcrowded cities and metropolitan areas. For example, the Japanese government has successfully reduced the size of population in its big and crowded cities by 20% by building new cities. This clearly prove the effectiveness of such a measure in reducing the number of people in overcrowded cities across the globe.

To sum up, this essay discussed the reasons why cities are becoming overcrowded which in brief because of the concentration of public services in cities and the vibrancy of lifestyle in them. In addition, this essay offered two solutions for such a problem and these are providing public services in rural areas and constructing new urban cities.

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