Band 7.5 Report Sample

The following is a report submitted by one of our students.

Write a report based on the information given in the diagram.

hydroelectricity report

Band 7.5 report sample

The given diagram illustrates the process of generation of hydroelectricity in a hydroelectric dam and its supply network for final use. As it is clearly evident it is a multi-step process requiring the setting up of humongous infrastructure both upstream and downstream.

Firstly, water is collected in a reservoir behind a dam located upstream.Then, water is released in a controlled manner through a gate called “Intake” situated at the bottom of the reservoir into a ramp-like structure referred as Penstock.

Subsequently, water released into penstock hits the turbine of a generator with great force. Due to this impact , the kinetic energy of water is converted into electricity by  a generator located in a powerhouse situated downstream of the river .The electric power is supplied to the end –users through  long distance power cables  and the remaining  water is again released into downstream through a pipe like structure.

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