Band 7.5 letter sample

Writing Task 1:

You have an extra room in your apartment and would like to rent it out to a student. Write a letter to the university council officer and say:

– Describe your apartment and the facilities available.

– Why do you want to rent out a room?

– What kind of tenant would you prefer?

Here is a sample response

Dear Griffith Council,

I am writing in regard to the student accommodation service. Currently, I have a spare room available for renting in my house. My apartment is located at 72 Cambridge Street, Red Hill, Queensland. It is surrounded by five shopping malls, one fitness centre, and is close to the train station. Additionally, the apartment is really close to your Kelvin Groove campus, only a 10 minute walk. There are a washing machine, TV, Wi-Fi, and a swimming pool available for tenants to use.

The main reason for renting out this room is to make a use of it. Until recently, this was my son’s room. However, he has moved to London for further studies about a week ago.

The tenant has to be a non-smoker with clean habits. Most importantly, he or she must not be a party animal. Additionally, my husband is allergic to dog’s fur, so no dog owners please. However, we are more than fine with other pets.

I am looking forward to hearing from you in this regard.


Sincerely Yours,


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