Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample | Should Everyone Learn English?

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Learning English is often seen as more important than learning local languages. If these are not taught, many are at risk of dying out. In your opinion, is it important for everyone to learn English? Should we try to ensure the survival of local languages and if so how?

Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

More emphasis is often placed on learning English than on learning other languages and this has led to the extinction of many local languages.  In my opinion learning native languages is as significant as learning English and appropriate measures must be taken to ensure that equal importance is given to learning local languages in educational institutions.

There are several benefits to learning English. In the age of internet where the entire world has become a global village the need to be able to communicate in a language known to all is of paramount importance. Thus learning English which is touted as the link language is essential to be able to express your vision and ideas on an international platform. Failing to do so can lead to our chances being squashed.

However, this emphasis on learning English has discouraged many people from learning local languages and in my opinion, this is a negative development. This world is made up of people of different colour, religion, race and culture. Each one is equally important and represents the diverse nature of the world that we live in. Many studies have repeatedly proven that learning multiple languages at an early age helps in mental growth. Children who learn multiple languages exhibit an increased level of intelligence when compared to children who learn a single language. Thus it is very important to enable and encourage children to learn multiple languages.

There are many ways in which children can be encouraged to learn their native languages. One way of doing so is to instill in them the notion that all languages are equal and none has superiority over another. This can be done by giving special incentives to kids who perform better in native languages thus igniting that competitive spark among them. Another way is to make it a compulsory part of the syllabus.

In conclusion, I would like to insist that local languages should be given the same importance as English and children should be encouraged to learn them.

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