Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample | Quality Of Air And Water Is Declining Due To Industries And Construction

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In many developing countries, there is a problem with declining quality of air and water from both industry and construction. What measures could be taken to prevent this?

Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

Air and water are indispensable for the very existence of life. As these resources are polluted by various types of industries and construction, it severely affects the people and the environment. Therefore, preventive measures should be taken to stop / arrest further contamination of air and water.

One of the reasons for water pollution is the expulsion of / the dumping of enormous amount of industrial waste into rivers and lakes. Air is contaminated by fumes from factories. In order to prevent these issues, it is important to invent an innovative method to treat trash/rubbish. Respective authorities should launch new projects which focus mainly on the purification process of natural resources and the protection of environment. For example, Israel has recently developed an impeccable system which purifies sea water and it has been presented to Indian government. In other words, people should think about how they can keep air and water pure, instead of polluting those resources and causing detrimental effects on health.

Furthermore, stringent guidelines should be provided to the factories to deter them from polluting. The government should take punitive actions against the organisations which indulge in water and air contamination. For instance, those industries which cause harm to these essential resources should have their licence cancelled / revoked. This, in turn, will help to prevent / stop other people from involving in similar activity. In short, each industry should rationally think about how their business is negatively affecting the environment and carry out their functions adhering to the government rules.

To conclude, modern technologies and strict functioning rules are necessary to prevent the declining quality of air and water. If industries and construction take / adopt / adheres to such precautionary measures, people will definitely have healthier surroundings.


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