Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample | People Are Buying Things They Don’t Want

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Nowadays people buy a lot of things even though they don’t really need them. Why is it happening, in your opinion? Is it a positive or negative trend for the individual and the society?

Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

Since the end of the Second World War, the shopping concepts have continuously changed. Nowadays, people have become more careless about what they buy, and sometimes they even buy what they don’t need. In my opinion, this is a negative approach mainly due to a sociological reason which is behind this behavior.

The main social reason is that people continuously need to prove that they are successful in their careers and they are affluent. Therefore, they may buy many unnecessary items such as expensive clothes or luxurious cars that may not even be suitable for them. Take, for instance, the case of buying expensive speedy cars in Nigeria where the roads are not suitable for such cars. This clearly shows that people are trying to show off their wealth in a way that is potentially damaging to the society. Such negative attitude of the people can cause other social problems. While affluent people can afford to buy unnecessary products, destitute people are suffering from poverty and illiteracy and such behavior maybe harmful to them. Hence, if this wasted money is oriented toward improving poor people’s conditions, the society will become more stable and crimes will decrease drastically.

Unquestionably, that will foster a sense of fraternity and well-being among citizens and will enhance the overall economy of the country as people’s financial resources are directed to the most important sectors. Therefore, proceeding in this direction will devastate our communities. Thus, it has become mandatory that we change our damaging lifestyles.

To conclude, people create immense social pressure on other members of the society due to their damaging buying habits. They must give up this negative trend to ensure the happiness and welfare of all social sectors.

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  1. Krunalkumar says:

    It has been observed that in this modern era some times people prefer to purchase fresh stuff rather than repairing the aged items. In this essay, I will discuss the reasons for such a thing to happen along with highlighting the overcomes of this.

    There are myriad causes for taking new things beyond reforming old ones. The foremost reason for this is various kinds of schemes. Nowadays, many companies provide exchange offers on the old stuff where people gain good value of their aged accessories. That’s why the people would like to spend bucks on new ones besides fixing old entities. For instance, if an individual company get the 50% off on exchange bonus after that, people think that it is beneficial for them and they only expend half amount on the fresh things. Also to this appearance can be considered as one of the significant reasons for this. In this era, everyone wants to run with the modern world and after that, they give more importance to novel items. Because of the technology, some things become more inexpensive to compare to the yore and that’s the purpose people do not appreciate to repairing the old goods.

    Incidentally, the above reasons have detrimental effects on the masses. The prominent impact on this is lack of fortune. Whenever people are paying a lot of money for their modern stuff and do not think about its impact on their allowance then this thing becomes a burden on them and they undergo various kinds of money dilemma.

    To conclude, exchange offers and appearance stand out as the primary reasons for buying new stuff. The consequences of it which happen to be lack of money need to be carefully considered and watchfully monitored for its ill-effects to be kept under check.

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