Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample | Man’s Landing On Moon Had Little Consequence For Humanity

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Decades ago man landed on the moon and people said that its the first step towards greater things. But others say that space travel has made little difference in others lives. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

When man first landed on moon nearly half a century ago optimists believed that humanity had taken a giant leap on the road to excellence. On the contrary others had the notion that man’s invention of travelling to outer space has not made any significant impact to human lives. I echo that thought and feel that breakthrough in the field of aeronautical science has not yielded the desired results. Rather it would have been more fruitful if we had invested in solving for potential life saving issues that exist in today’s world. This essay will also highlight the potential danger to life the astronaut faces on such missions.

Developed countries like the US, China, Russia and the UK invest astronomical amounts as part of there budget’s towards space exploration on the pretext of being able to discover some path breaking discovery that could potentially save the course of humanity. The money spent on building futuristic technology could have alternatively been used to address other pressing concerns that exist today in our day to day lives. For instance a developing country like India allocates close to 7% of its total budget towards technological advancements in the space travel industry, however it would have been judicious to use these finds or at least a part of it towards addressing the most pressing issue of poverty and unemployment.

Space travel an also be dangerous. Every astronaut has to deal with potential risks to their life. Millions of dollars are lost because of failed experiments, crashes due to technical glitches and not to mention the number of lives lost during these dangerous missions in alien environments. All of these experiments are done with a motto of being able to discover something that would help our future generations. Unfortunately all of this is coming at a huge cost which all of us are a part of.

To summarize I feel that man reaching the moon and it being a sign of greater things to come is a little over hyped. To be fair these experiments have provided insights of facts that we were not aware of, however all of this comes at a huge premium. I don’t see the return on investment and feel that we would be better off using this investment for other pressing issues and at the same time not risk human lives in such dangerous expeditions.

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