Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample | Children Should Do Only Homework Every Day

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Some people believe that school students should only do homework every day. Other think children should get to do extra work to succeed at school. How far do you agree or disagree.

Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

The amount of homework that should be assigned to students has become a topic of intense debate nowadays. Although some people think that homework is vital and should be assigned each day, others opine differently. However, in my opinion, homework should only be assigned on a few days a week so that students can also spend quality time on other activities.

It is indeed true that doing homework regularly has several advantages. Primarily, it makes students disciplined and discipline is the key to success. Several successful persons have attributed their success to their habit of doing homework every day. Additionally, homework keeps students busy so there are fewer chances of them getting swayed into bad company. This also holds special significance in the age of nuclear families where children spend most of their daytime away from their parents.

Conversely, giving everyday homework to students can also have several detrimental effects on students. Firstly, homework can act as a hindrance to the holistic development of students. In other words, an excess of homework eats away a lion’s share of leisure time in students’ lives. Consequently, students get no time for doing physical activities or playing outdoor games. It can create repercussions with far reaching consequences.

Secondly, homework given everday is also responsible for making students’ lives extremely stressful. Modern curricula are already very challenging and mentally demanding and on the top of that excess homework creates a stressful environment. As per a survey published in The Hindu last month, 80% school going children in Chandigarh are suffering from various kinds of dementia, and homework has been the norm for Chandigarh schools for several years.

Finally, in my opinion, a student’s day-to-day activities should comprise of both physical and academic activities. This can be easily achieved by devoting a few days of the week to homework while other days to physical or sports activities. Such kind of balance is essential for the overall development of students.

To conclude, even though homework has a few benefits it must not act as an obstacle to the comprehensive growth of children. For their bright future, it is imperative that school going children must spend equal time in academic and outdoor activities.

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