Band 7.5 IELTS Academic Report About Estimated Sales Of Jeans

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Band 7.5 Academic IELTS Report

Sale of jeans ielts report

The bar chart gives information regarding the estimated sales of jeans in Turkey next year and the pie chart predicts the market share of different companies selling jeans during the same period.

Overall, it is estimated that Jack & Jones Co. will sell more pairs of jeans than Mango Co. While in January, Mango Co. is expected to sell only about 100000 pairs of jeans, the sales of Jack & Jones Co. for the same period is estimated to be 450000 pairs of jeans. The sales of Jack & Jones Co. are expected to fall during February. Afterwards, the sales will pick up gradually and in September, they are expected to sell around 600000 pairs of jeans. While the volume of sales will remain the same in October, it will increase afterwards and reach 900000 pairs in December. Meanwhile Mango Co. is expected to achieve a steady growth in the number of sales during most part of the year. Their December sales are likely to be 550000 pairs which is considerably lower than the sales of Jack & Jones Co.

According to the pie chart, Jack & Jones Co. and Mango Co. will have 30 % and 20% of the total market share while other companies claim the remaining 50% of it.

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