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Some people think that it should be made mandatory for parents to attend formal education on parenting. To what extent you agree or disagree?

Band 7.5 essay sample

There is no doubt that parents play a crucial role in the all round development of their children. A few people tend to encourage the concept of parents going through a mandatory formal training on parenting. I completely disagree with that view point. In this essay, I will support my opinion with relevant examples.

I think every parent tend to develop their own unique way when comes to raising their children. This exclusivity/ uniqueness in parenting make it an art that cannot be completely taught through formal education. For instance, values that are taught during childhood are unique to a particular family or society; there is no way to generalize values. For example, my parents always considered non-vegetarian meal as forbidden for human consumption and always encouraged me to a vegetarian. This may not be the case with every parent or every family. Though formal education may teach you values, they may not always be tailor-made to suite your interest’s.

Furthermore, I believe that the best way to learn to raise children is through experience; this experience can be just by observing people in your inner circle like close friends or relatives or it can just be learning through your own experience on how you have been raised.For example, my parents always encouraged me to be adamant and outspoken, as they believed that these traits will make be bold and mentally strong. These traits are seldom taught through education they are lessons people learn through experience.

To sum up, I think parenting is best taught through experiential learning rather than through formal education. I am of a strong opinion that parenting is unique to a particular culture, family and living conditions and all these are not taught through formally taught. Therefore, parenting cannot be effectively taught through formal education.

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