Band 7.5 essay sample | The government should ensure that people stay healthy

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Essay topic

Some people think that governments should ensure that their people stay healthy; others think it’s the responsibility of the individuals. Discuss both sides of the argument and provide your opinion.

Band 7.5 essay sample

There is no doubt that the secret of health is following a healthy lifestyle. Some people believe that it is government’s responsibility to ensure that their citizens stay healthy, while others argue that it is the responsibility of concerned individual. In this essay, we will look into both sides of the argument and provide my support to the latter view.

First and foremost, there is no doubt that government play’s a critical role to ensure well being of there citizens. It is always beneficial if government can support and motivate individuals to pursue healthy life style. This can be done in several different ways like organizing health camps, subsidizing healthy food, imposing heavy taxes on un healthy food etc. For instance, in countries like Sweden government offers free health camps to educate people on healthy lifestyle, they also offer subsidy healthy food to encourage citizens. Recently, a third party survey indicated that these initiatives have reduced the number of cases for heart attacks, obesity in Sweden. Considering these points, we can see why people think it’s essential for governments to play and active role to ensure healthy lifestyle for their citizens.

But, a strong argument can be made on the other side. In my view, individuals should be made responsible and accountable for their health. The onus of following a healthy life style should be his/her responsibility. For instance, there are individuals who don’t consider healthy life style as there priority and don’t even appreciate the fact that following a healthy life style makes them feel better. In all these cases, the initiatives from governments will either be ineffective or bear very less effect.

In conclusion, the responsibility of following a healthy life style should rest on individuals, while governments should support and motivate them to do so.

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