Band 7.5 essay sample | Should wealthy nations share their wealth among poor nations

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Should wealthy nations be required to share their wealth among poorer nations by providing such things as food and education? Or is it the responsibility of the governments of poorer nations to look after their citizens themselves?

Band 7.5 essay sample

Some people think that rich countries should support poor countries by providing adequate food and education, while others argue it is the government’s task to look after its citizens. In my view, wealthy nations should support the poor only if there is a scarcity of natural resources in the country.

There is no doubt that the government is responsible for the well-being of its citizens. In democratic countries, the government is elected by its people so it is the responsibility of the government to improve the quality of life for the people. The government should define long term plans to improve the welfare of the citizens and provide high standard of education for the people. It should identify and use the natural resources to improve the economy of the country. Lack of planning will result in poor education and low standard of living.

On the other hand, due to inadequate natural resources, some countries are unable to raise the standards on their own. Countries like Somalia are affected by severe droughts and water scarcity which make it difficult for people to lead normal lives.

In these cases wealthy nations should come forward to improve the quality of life. Without their help, the government is unable to meet the basic needs of its people. They are unable to design the long term plan because of lack of funds and scarcity of natural resources.

To conclude, rich countries should help the poorer nations only if the later do not have abundant natural resources to support their people. If they have good local resources then it should be the concerned government’s responsibility to improve the standard of living for its citizens.

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